Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Dolphin Guide Connect

I know that I have not been putting things onto my blog in the last year or so, but I am still keeping up with new technology.

In the last year I have bought a laptop from Dolphin, with Guide Connect. I am so pleased with this program that I have now bought a Surface Go tablet from Dolphin also with Guide Connect.

Having worked with them and got to know them my opinion is that Guide Connect is a great program for those who have very little knowledge of computing. Also for people like me who are getting on in years, and find the latest programs on Windows 10, or on Apple products increasingly complex.
I have been using computers for the last thirty years, but now I just want things that are very simple.

I hope that you are keeping well in this epidemic. So do take good care of yourselves.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Smart phones

Over the last few weeks I have been looking at phones, to replace my ageing iPhone SE.
The three phones that I was looking at are the Kapsys Smartvision, Synapptic, and In Your Pocket.
This will not be an in depth view of these phones, but just my own conclusion .
The first phone I looked at was In Your Pocket, a very nice and easy phone to use, as all you have to do is speak to it. At first you may find this challenging if you are used to a touch phone. It is so easy to make phone calls or to send text messages. The advantage of this phone is that it comes with the RNIB Newsdesk, so if you are someone who loves reading the newspapers or magazines, this is the phone for you.
The next phone I looked at was the Synapptic phone. It comes with very large icons in different colours and the text can be made as large as you need it to be. I like this phone, and at one time this was at the top of my list for a new phone. But people who were more in the know than I am, pointed out that this phone was great if you had some sight, but not much good if you were totally blind, as there are only four to six icons on each screen. This means you need to keep scrolling through the different screens to find the icon you need.
The last one I looked at was the Kapsys Smartvision 2. This phone is a three in one phone, as you can use the touch screen, and you can talk to it, and it comes with a numeric keyboard for those who love the old sort of phone with a number pad. I would say if you can afford this type of phone go for the most expensive one, because it comes with additional features.
The downside for me was that on none of these phones could I download the RNIB talking books directly, one of the things that would be top priority for me. So at the moment I haven't gone for any of them.
But your needs and priorities may be different from mine. So if you are looking for a new phone I would advise you to check these ones out for yourself and see which one would be right for you.
Kapsys smart phone can be bought from Sight and Sound technology.
In Your Pocket can be bought from Be warned this website takes ages to load.
Synapptic phones are sold by Synapptic. As long as you spell it right, double p, you will find this easily on the web.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Dolphin guide connect

I have now been using the Dolphin guide connect for a few weeks now, and I am very pleased with it.
It is a very simple way of using windows 10.

The main thing that I am enjoying the most is being able to download RNIB talking books onto the Dolphin guide connect part of the program which is for books. It is so simple to load books and to delete them when I have finished reading them.

Reading emails it quite easy, and typing letters and documents also is straight forward.

I can highly recommend this program for anyone who is new to computing, or some one like me who has been using computers for nearly thirty years, and finding it more difficult to get ones head around using windows 10, or any other computer program.

you can find out more from Dolphin by phoning them on 01905754577
or on the web at

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Braille Me

I have now bought myself a Braille Me, from Steve Nutt of Computer Room Services, who is well known to many VIPs here in the UK.

I have had the device for about three weeks now, and I have started to get my head around how it works! So far I am very much enjoying it.
The first thing I would say about the Braille Me is that the layout is quite different to most Braille Note takers, as the braille display is at the top of the device, and the six Braille keys are towards the bottom of the device.

It has only six dots, unlike the Orbit reader which has eight dots. The Braille Me has cursor routing keys so it is quite easy to place the flashing cursor in the right place for editing.
I found it very useful to read all through the guide, as you might find that sometimes things work quite differently from other Braille machines. But once you have got used to how things work it is very user friendly.

Here in the UK it cost £400, which is a very good price for a small braille note taker.
Braille Me also has bluetooth and works with android and IOS devices. In the same way, you can plug the Braille Me into either a Mac or Windows computer.
You can find out more on the web by looking for Braille Me on Youtube. Or you can contact Steve Nutt on

Monday, 22 April 2019

Follow your dreams

For my birthday in 2004, my wife paid for me to have a flying lesson ... we made it safely up into the air, around a circuit, and back down again!

Mark my instructor said I had done very well as I kept the plane within' 20 feet of our flying height which was 3200 feet!

As a blind or partially sighted person, what exciting things have you done?
Don't let you eyesight stop you from following your dreams!!

looking back and looking forward

I have really enjoyed doing this blog over the last 3 years, but times are changing and I am not able to have the support I have been enjoying so my blog posts in the future may be a bit more few and far between. I will try and keep going but in the meantime I wanted to share with you my dream list of hope for the future ...

1. Self cutting grass!
2. Pests that eat the weeds and leave the plants!!!
3. Carpets and floors that do not need cleaning ... a dust free house!!
4. Computers that never go wrong!
5. Laptop with a braille display.

Voice Dream Scanner

Taken From AppleVis -

Scan paper documents with the camera and recognize text. Listen using built-in text-to-speech. Save and export. Unlimited use: no subscriptions or additional charges.

State-of-the-art A.I. for OCR and text recognition: Fast and accurate, even in poor lighting conditions. Works entirely on device: No need for internet and your data stays private.

Export scans as plain text or PDF with embedded text to another app, or save them on your local device, iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Works with Voice Dream Reader, our full-featured text-to-speech reader. After downloading this app, you will be able access the scanner directly from Reader and add scanned documents to your Reader library.

Additional Features:

- Automatic detection of document edges for stretching and cropping
- Automatic detection of document orientation and auto rotate
- Automatic language detection
- Automatic image enhancement
- Batch mode for scanning multiple pages quickly
- Spoken words are highlighted in the text or the image
- Select text-to-speech voice and change speed
- Uses premium voices purchased in Voice Dream Reader


- Only languages using Latin alphabets are supported. It works all language supported by Voice Dream Reader except: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Apple Watch Support:
Free or Paid:
Device(s) App Was Tested On:
iPod Touch
iOS Version:
Accessibility Comments:
Fully accessible with VoiceOver

VoiceOver Performance:
VoiceOver reads all page elements.
Button Labeling:
All buttons are clearly labeled.
The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.
Other Comments:
This is simply the best OCR app to date! It retains the format of the page, saves as a PDF accessible document, retains photos from the document for sighted users, and with the Voice Dream Reader update will allow users to scan directly into Voice Dream Reader. It uses the Voice Dream Reader voices you already have installed. Is fast, accurate, and does it all on the device, no server/internet access needed.

Here is a video from BlindAbilities about it . . .